Letter from the Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

Blair Brandt

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

Dear Client,

For renters, apartment hunting in New York City has traditionally been a nightmare. You do all the work yourself, but pay a broker hefty fees just to open a door. Brokers represent landlords, yet you have to foot the bill when you find the right home.

At Next Step, we work for you: the renter. Through investing more into every client while taking less, we’ve created the happiest clientele in the industry, with a leading customer satisfaction rate of nearly 90%.

Our value proposition is simple: we provide more service at a lower price. We maintain a curated, full-service, and advisory approach to renting, while also providing a guaranteed 20% discount on broker fees. Our client experience includes a custom and comprehensive apartment tour of the best 5-10 options for your particular criteria, all in under 2-4 hours. You may also enjoy a dedicated car service during the tour, and individually tailored match-making to the in-house Next Step broker who is the best fit for you. Not to mention, 8 in 10 Next Step clients benefit from a one-day apartment search.

Whether it be our concierge phone line to help answer your questions or our exclusive hospitality program to introduce you to the people and places of New York City, you get more and pay less when you use Next Step. When there are no financial commitments until we successfully secure your new home, why not get the white-glove treatment, along with a transparent, guaranteed discount on your broker fee?

You don’t have to spend days or weeks looking for an apartment anymore. Our access to the marketplace is comprehensive, so we will show you any legitimate apartment that fits your preferences, while also vetting out the apartments that are inaccurate, or “bait and switch”. We will show you apartments without any favoritism to landlords or bias towards commission structures. From the top-down and bottom up, our approach to real estate has been called the “gold standard of excellence”, by focusing on long-term customer satisfaction first and foremost.

Through it all, we’ve only enhanced our commitment to giving back, through our support for The Humane Society of the United States.

Reservations during the Spring and Summer, to work with our boutique roster of agents, historically fill up weeks in advance, so don’t waste any time getting on the books.

In the meantime, take a quick peek inside the Next Step Experience, in our new video.

We look forward to hearing from you soon, hosting you at one of our welcoming storefront locations, and guiding you through a pleasant and exciting home search.




Blair Brandt
Co-Founder & Executive Chairman
Next Step Realty