Ryan Ferguson

Hailing from the Midwest, Ryan understands the reality of realizing your dreams of moving to New York and the challenges of finding a new home in a highly competitive market. He tirelessly works for his clients to make the process enjoyable for them and is always excited to utilize all of his unique life experiences as a Next Step Agent, including growing up around the real estate business from a young age. Before working in real estate, Ryan created a TV show, wrote a book and obtained his pilot license. Ryan is also an advocate for criminal justice system reform and fights as an activist against wrongful convictions, an issue that personally affected his life when he experienced the effects of miscarried justice firsthand. His story has been covered extensively in the media. When his busy real estate career allows the time, you can catch Ryan exploring the city, hunting down NYC’s best burgers, on his bike (he’s an avid road cyclist) and recording his weekly podcast. Ryan is passionate about assisting his clients with finding the perfect home that matches their budget and lifestyle and loves helping them start the next chapter of their lives!