Allison Markowitz

After finishing law school and taking a 5 week trip out of the country, I needed to find a place in NYC in an extremely small window of time – specifically 6 days. Before leaving the country, I gave Next Step a call, told them generally what I was looking for, and then was immediately contacted by Margit. She spent a long time on the phone with me covering in-depth my desired apartment search, price range, etc., all the while trying to get to know me and my preferences. She understood that I had a very short time to find an apartment, and that my preference was to apply after only one day of looking at places. On my scheduled date to look at apartments, I met Margit at the Next Step office, who had prepared a lengthy and detailed list of all the places we would see, which spanned across the neighborhoods I asked for and were within the price range that I requested. From that point forward, Margit was knowledgeable, understanding, and made what is known to be a stressful experience quite manageable and fun. She was always able to sense when I wasn’t thrilled with an apartment, and not once did she become pushy or impatient. She was also able to provide very helpful advice and tips about types of apartments and neighborhoods, particularly on matters that I hadn’t even considered. By the end of the day I knew which apartment I wanted to apply for, and Margit went above and beyond in making sure that my application was as strong as possible. It took a couple of days before being approved by management, and every day up until that point Margit would text me to check in – something that she didn’t need to do but was genuinely appreciated. Overall, I love my apartment and am beyond thankful that I had Margit and Next Step to guide me through the process. If you are interested in having a seamless apartment-hunting experience with the help of kind and knowledgeable brokers, Next Step is your bet.