Sophie Crocker

Consider Sophie your go-to guru for all things Manhattan and Brooklyn real estate! She’s got the inside scoop on all the nooks and crannies of these vibrant neighborhoods. A proud alum of Wellesley College, Sophie’s education ranged from Neuroscience to Women’s Studies. But her real passion began when she left her hometown of San Francisco and experienced living in cities from Copenhagen to Baltimore, Los Angeles to Shanghai. Having gone through the whirlwind experience of settling into New York from various corners of the world, Sophie knows firsthand the challenges you might face. She’s got the map to navigate you through the maze of NYC real estate and help you make the right choices. Sophie isn’t just a real estate whiz; she’s a city explorer. For the past five years, she’s called Manhattan and Brooklyn home, sharing her space with the sweetest pitbull, Lola. When she’s not striking real estate deals, you can catch her slurping udon noodles in Williamsburg or on the hunt for vintage furniture in BedStuy. What really makes Sophie stand out is her love for newbies in the city. She thrives on introducing newcomers to the perfect NYC neighborhood, tailored just for them. Her clients rave about her impeccable taste and unwavering attention to detail. Sophie’s not just a real estate agent; she’s your friend in the city, always researching and advising to secure you the best possible option in today’s market. So, if you’re ready to make your move to the Big Apple or find your dream home in the outer boroughs, Sophie is your secret weapon to success. Get in touch with her today, and let’s make your NYC dreams a reality!