Victoria Scott

Victoria is a graduate of the University of South Carolina with her B.A in Psychology and her M.A in Rehabilitation Counseling. She joined Next Step Realty in 2014 after having worked in the NYC Real Estate Industry since 2012. Victoria is a top broker and the International Relocation Specialist at Next Step, using her multinational background as well as her fluency in French and Mandarin Chinese to help virtually any individual ease into New York City Life. Her expertise in Real Estate and trustworthiness as a person will surpass any expectations you may have in the process of finding a home. In her spare time, Victoria enjoys staying active by playing sports, frequenting the local Equinox, and traveling to tropical destinations. She is also a music and art lover but most important in her life is her beloved Yorkie, Molly who can be found hanging out in the Next Step offices. Victoria is an expert of all the neighborhoods in Manhattan but she is partial to the downtown life, where she also resides.  Her love of New York City is something she can’t wait to share with you!

 College: USC Class of 2009 

Instagram: @vica_scott