Anna G.

So I was pretty hesitant to think that I needed someone to help me find an apartment in NYC…..but I’m glad that I didn’t listen to that hesitancy! Next step made my transition from the South to the city so much easier. There were no problems at all (which is a miracle, knowing me). Jake Vitale showed me all sorts of apartments in my price range (and never any outside). I fell in love with two of them, so he took the time to sit with me and do a pros and cons list until I finally decided on one. He made this whole process smooth and way less stressful!
Now I know without a doubt that I wouldn’t have found such an amazing apartment that fits me so well without Jake or next step. They both even reached out to me on my birthday!!
Very solid young professionals who will do exactly what they say they will–find you a place that is what you want!