Brandon B.

Spoke with Victoria on the phone — completely effortless process from the client point of view. She had questions ready and it was all very simple. A month later, showed up and everything was set and ready to go. We had some trouble deciding between apartments and Victoria was cool to talk us through it and didn’t at all pressure us (which surprised me, since every broker I know outside of Next Step has usually been pressuring the prospective tenant to just sign a lease, cut a check, and get on with it). She was available basically 24/7 when we had some follow-up questions and she went out of her way to help us multiple times.
All in all, Next Step made finding a place and signing a lease a simple 2-3 hour process from start (i.e., the moment you realize you need to start looking for a place) to finish (i.e., signing the lease). Surprisingly painless and an actually rather pleasant experience.