Cassidy B.

Moving from Chicago, my boyfriend and I were having some trouble finding places in NYC on our own. When we found Next Step Realty, it was a huge weight lifted off our shoulders. Meena, our agent, was incredibly helpful in finding a ton of apartments that were in our price range and in the neighborhoods we wanted to live in. We got to see 9 apartments in one day and put in our application for our current place that very same day. We were even able to move in less than a week later. Without Meena, our apartment search would have been significantly more difficult and we would not be living in such a nice place today. If you’re moving from out-of-state to NYC, I highly recommend Next Step Realty. They’re with you every step of the way, they make sure the apartments fit your wants and needs, and overall the team is incredibly helpful. Meena especially was so nice and you could tell she’s been doing this a long time. She kept us talking about what we liked and didn’t like about the apartments we were seeing, and she never rushed us to make a decision about which apartment to pick. As I said earlier, the entire team over at Next Step Realty is fantastic, but I really recommend working with Meena if you have the opportunity to do so. Thank you so much Next Step Realty and Meena for helping us find our new home!