Erika G.

Next Step was absolutely fabulous in helping me find a place efficiently and relieving much stress for my big move to NYC! I got connected through Next Step because of a corporate partner. They hosted a webinar before the start of the summer which answered many questions that were burning in my head as I was about to start the process. After finding a roommate, I reached out to Next Step regarding setting up an appointment. They had much availability and were easily flexible to our schedules. Next we got to have early contact with our FABULOUS agent Sarah Minton. Sarah was amazing from the very beginning. Helping two recent college graduates finding an apartment in NYC is not an easy task. We had no idea what we were doing and Sarah was easily accessible, answered our numerous questions and was very patient. Her many phone calls before our appointment day helped us get set up and made our appointment day SO stress free. We saw many apartments all in one day and having a driver was so helpful. Sarah was understanding, committed and flexible as we went along. Since neither of us were from the city or close area Sarah pulled her strings and actually had us find and sign for an apartment all on the same day!!!!!!! This was nothing like what we were expecting. It was awesome to return home and have everything all sorted out. Even after getting us our apartment Sarah still remained in contact and helped us with move in questions! My parents were skeptical about having to go through a broker but after this experience…. they said we would NEVER have been able to do this without Sarah and the Next Step Team!!! We are very thankful for all the hard work, we are so happy with our new apartment! I would highly recommend!