Gillian M.

My roommates and I were all moving to New York from out of state and we were having a hard time coordinating our schedules to look at apartments, get our paperwork together, etc. We decided to look into using Next Step because one of our roommates was a Next Step Ambassador in college, and we thought it would be worth our while to check it out. We are so happy we did! Victoria was super organized and helpful with our search. We had a LOT of questions and she always responded to our emails within minutes. We especially loved how they use a car service to take you around and see as many as 12 apartments in one day! This was a great use of our time and we were able to find our apartment that same day. I definitely recommend using Next Step to save time with searching for apartments online and dealing with random brokers. Also, the usual broker fee is 15% in NYC and we only paid 13.5% with Next Step, which is awesome because it’s actually worth the money to have someone help with the process. We are happy clients and would definitely recommend working with Victoria! Thank you Next Step!!