Jamie F.

I’m a fussy person. I like to think I’m easy to please, but the reality might be a little further from that…!

When a friend recommended this service I was dubious but as I was on a tight (2 days in NY from London) trio to find something and seal the deal, I kinda felt like I had to give it a try.

Sarah Minton drew the short straw in getting me as her client! she called me and we talked through what I’m looking for in an ideal world and what my budget was etc. I asked he to send over some samples of what she would be thinking of showing me – to save time – and in truth, I could have taken any of the ones she showed me

In person, we ended up seeing around 20 or so apartments over the two days. Sarah couldn’t have been more helpful in sorting it all out, asking all the questions for me, and guiding me.

In short she was amazing. The service was incredible, and I would not hesitate, for one second, in using this again when I look for my next apartment. I ended up with a great deal and a great apartment and I know a lot of that was down to Sarah. There wasn’t one awful apartment I was shown (of course that’s all subjective) but to know how picky I am, would be to know what an incredible job Sarah did.

USE THEM!!! Best choice you’ll ever make when having to move or relocate.