Joanna G.

I recently graduated international student who didn’t have a credit history and was only just starting out at a new job and I was so apprehensive about moving to NY because of how expensive and complicated the process can be (not to mention competitive!) especially because NY landlords are notoriously strict and picky with who they let lease with them.
I honestly believe I was so lucky to have Next Step to help me find my apartment. Am convinced these guys are one of NY’s hidden secrets! If you guys are lucky enough to get Victoria Scott (like I did haha), rest assured that she is very meticulous and prepared and you will make the most out of your scheduled visit.
She really worked hard to make sure the places we went to visit were all places that fit my needs, but that I would also more likely get approved for if I were to apply. I think the next worst thing than not finding an apartment you like at all, is to find one you love but then find out that you dont qualify to live in it.
Because I was only able to be in NY for that weekend, Victoria took me to see about 12 apartments in a day! We went around in a car, which saved SO much time, and unlike other NY brokers that sometimes go to a unit and then surprise surprise dont even have a key to get in, every apt we went to was seamless visit. I really cannot understate the value of the prep work they did and the speed in which they secured me the apartment and facilitated my move in needs, really.
I know people dont like paying the broker fee, but let me say these guys really earn their fee. They really do so much so that you can save SO much time, and it takes out so much of the guesswork, and you dont have to worry about getting scammed. You’re signing a year long lease, isn’t it worth getting a professional’s help to land a place to live that you’ll love coming home to?