Julia G.

Transferring over from the UK, I had never worked with a broker before and did not know what to expect. Also being in a new city, I wanted to make sure I found the right place to settle down. Next Step couldn’t have been better. Over our initial phone call, Meena asked me numerous questions as to what I was looking for, location, what I wanted in a property and what I absolutely did not – I had a very clear idea of what I was looking for but was very flexible on location. With that in mind, Meena and the team drove me all over town and had really listened to my specifics. I was so impressed with the options they provided and the thoroughness with which Next Step researched the properties.
The other issue I had was that as an international relocation, my US paperwork and credit rating were very weak but Meena worked incredibly hard to make sure my credentials weren’t a problem and was very diligent in making sure we had everything we needed for a prospective landlord.
All their hard work paid off. I’m now settled in the perfect flat and perfect location. It was a great experience and if were I to move again, I would undoubtedly go back to Next Step. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough!!