Kevin B.

My friend and I graduated this past spring knowing we would have to find an apartment in NYC before our jobs started in September. Most of the summer went by before we realized we hadn’t come up with a real plan for how we were going to find a place to live in. A month before our start date, we decided to look into Next Step since it was the company our employer had recommended to us. We were both instantly surprised with how easy it was to schedule a date to view apartments that fit into both of our busy schedules. On that day, our agent Sara presented us with a variety of apartments in different areas of NYC we had been interested in and we eventually were able to choose an apartment we felt was best for our needs. Sara then made the process of securing that apartment quick and easy and we are excited to move in within the next few weeks. I would definitely recommend Next Step to anyone I knew looking for a place in NYC, especially recent college grads starting their careers.