Lauren C.

I recently graduated college and moved from DC to NYC. Next Step Realty was recommended to me by some friends so I decided to give it a shot after hearing some of the horror stories of renting an apartment in NYC. My agent was Meena Ziabari. Meena was so friendly and helpful and really made the whole process simple. She was very knowledgeable and was willing to explain how everything worked. She was very transparent in the positives and negatives of each place we saw which gave me more confidence that she was really trying to find the best fit for me. We saw many different places and I had my first NYC apartment in a matter of days. The turnaround time was very short and Meena was there to help push things along. The part that impressed me the most was her continued advice and assistance after she had already been compensated. She continued to answer any random questions I had regarding move-in process formalities, what size air conditioner would fit, etc. I would definitely recommend Next Step, specifically Meena, to anyone moving to NYC.