Michael M.

Once I knew I was moving to NYC after graduation, there was with no doubt I would use Next Step Reality. Knowing Jake Vitale, a good friend from the University of South Carolina and him being my realtor, I knew I could count on him and Next Step to help me with this overwhelming process. I knew I could trust everyone part of this process and it all worked out for the best! I was very upfront with Jake in what I wanted and where I wanted to live in NYC, and he was able to give me a plethora of options for me to choose from. Jake knew I had one weekend really to decide on a place, and he was able to close the deal with me. I can’t thank Jake Vitale enough for making this process as smooth as possible. I highly recommend Jake Vitale to any friends, family, or colleagues that move to NYC. I appreciate all the support from Next Step Realty family!