Natalie K.

I am a recent graduate who was searching for my first real NYC apartment. I’d heard a lot about Next Step from brand ambassadors at my university, so I decided to give it a shot about two days before I was flying into the city to apartment search. I had seen that the broker fee was 13.5% instead of the typical 15%, which made it even more recent grad-friendly. From the beginning, Next Step really listened to what qualities I was looking for in an apartment. Both a client relations member and Katie, contacted me to get as much information as possible to ensure that the apartments they could get matched exactly what I wanted, and they put everything together really fast since I was only in town for a few days. Katie showed me a great variety of apartments that matched all of my criteria, and was very friendly and a pleasure to spend the day with! I ended up finding my apartment that same day, which I hadn’t even thought was possible. She was also very helpful during the application process and addressed all of the many questions I had until the very end. She was also really great at following-up to keep me updated on the status of all my paperwork, and she was also able to get me a pro-rated first month since I didn’t need to move in until the 2nd week into January. I’m just about to move into my new apartment, and I’m so happy with my decision to have used Next Step and would definitely recommend the agency, and Katie, to anyone searching for an apartment. Thank you Next Step and Katie for helping me find such an amazing first apartment!