Ori C.

I recently graduated from university in Boston was moving to NY for work. Though I live in the area, this was my first apartment in NYC, and Margit and Next Step made the process easy and enjoyable. Margit spent a while on the phone with me discussing all the major details, the target neighborhoods and my preferences, and when we met in person for our appointment, she had a range of 10 well researched and vetted apartments for to check out, all with little helpful notes and details that I could have only known by working with her. Using the great service of Next Step, we visited each of the apartments, until I found the one I was comfortable signing for. Throughout the day, Margit offered advice, answered questions and just did what she could to make sure I was getting the right apartment – she could sense when I didn’t relate to an apartment and didn’t push any. By the end of the day, I felt that I had seen the best and complete set of apartments for what I was looking for. That same day, together we had the contract written up and submitted, and just like that the process was over. Over the next few days Margit would contact me with updates and even just to check in on how the move was going. Margit made this process the best it could be, it was extremely enjoyable to work with her (and Next Step), and I look forward to working with her for my next apartment. I couldn’t have asked for an easier apartment search, and definitely recommend Next Step for apartment hunters.