Shaheen N.

When asked to relocate to New York City, the first concern I had was finding an apartment. I had heard stories of how difficult it can be, how quickly anything nice can disappear, and how daunting the whole process can be.

But Next Step Realty made finding our NYC apartment a breeze. My girlfriend was stateside during the process while I was still abroad, so she was the the main point of contact. Our broker Meena was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She listened to all of our needs, and prioritized our criteria when showing us apartments. She guided us though the process, then organized our documents so we would be prepared to quickly submit an application when the day of the hunt came.

When viewing apartments, Meena showed us apartments below, above, and at our budget so we had a good idea of what was right for us. She helped us through a more challenging application process than we had encountered in any other city where we’ve lived. We had no idea how many challenges would arise with our situation, but Meena helped us through every one of them. Her positivity and experience were invaluable to us, and we would highly recommend Meena and Next Step for anyone looking for their first (or next) NYC apartment!