Yara F.

I cannot express how thankful I am that I found next step when looking for an apartment. Sarah made the whole process stress free (and fun!!) which is amazing because I didn’t think that was possible when looking for an apartment in NYC. I had a great experience with Sarah before even meeting with her to see apartments, she explained all the stuff we needed over the phone so we could have all our papers in order in advance. The day of apartment hunting was super easy, a driver brought us from place to place which made the day a lot less tiring than it could have been. We saw probably 6 or 7 places before deciding on one we loved, and got our application in the very same day within hours! Sarah was so incredibly helpful throughout the day, she had a clear vision of what we wanted (and what our price range was) and was on our side when seeing apartments. We really felt comfortable the whole time, and never felt like we were being pushed around to pick a specific place. I am so happy with our final choice of apartment, and we definitely would not have found it without Sarah. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sarah to friends and family, in fact I would probably do my best to convince them to use next step!