Zachary T.

I could not be happier with the service and work provided by Next Step Realty in finding an apartment for my boyfriend and me (shout-out to our broker, Hana, who was exceptional!) 
We were moving from NYC to Los Angeles and had 1 day in the city to find an apartment. A few weeks prior to our appointment we had a phone call with Hana and discussed all of our needs and wants for what we were looking for (budget, location, amenities, size, etc). She took the time to answer all of our questions and ensured us that we would be able to find what we were looking for. We arrived to the Next Step Realty Office in the West Village and met with Hana who had set up a listing of 10 different showings for us to see that day. We were driven around in a black car from showing to showing and had Hana with us to help us talk to the listing agents and facilitate the conversations. Every apartment that we saw that day was something that fit within our previous conversations of what we were looking for. When we walked into to the 6th apartment that day, we instantly knew that we had found ‘the one’. From that point on, Hana facilitated the application process and approval process with the landlord directly.

Fast forward 1 month later and I am writing this from the living room of our new NYC apartment and am very satisfied. Finding an apartment in NYC seemed extremely daunting and without the help of Next Step Realty we wouldn’t have been able to find our dream apartment. I highly recommend Next Step to anyone looking for a new apartment in the city, especially if it is your first apartment in NYC and don’t know where to start.