Next Step Realty finds apartments for newcomers to Manhattan from all walks of life, and our qualified brokers have come to specialize in locating apartments for recent college graduates and professionals entering the workforce. Next Step’s unique model minimizes the cost, time and stress inherent in the rental process, making us the leading company for finding New York’s new arrivals their first home.
Register on the Next Step website, and within 24 business hours you will be contacted by our Client Relations team to schedule your appointment. You will then be matched with a Next Step Broker who is available at your requested time, specializes in your neighborhoods, and is committed to finding the best apartment for you. Within 24 hours of the appointment confirmation, your Next Step Broker will contact you for a phone consultation and help prepare you for your apartment tour. When you meet, your broker will show you all of the listings on the market that match your criteria. The majority of clients find their apartment in one day within 3-6 hours. You will receive your discount off any applicable brokerage fees at the time of lease signing, then move into your new apartment!
Next Step agents are reliable, honest professionals who have been carefully selected to work with you. Our agents represent clients – not properties – and operate purely on a referral basis from the website, so they have no need to post misleading “bait and switch” advertisements, or take you to apartments that won’t match your criteria. Next Step agents send only real photographs, and show only the best apartments from reputable landlords. We make sure that you enjoy an efficient and reliable search.
Find your apartment in 3 hours, not 3 weeks. With 8 in 10 Next Step clients finding their apartment on the first day and 9 in 10 apartment tours becoming successful leases, Next Step condenses a process that can take weeks into just one day. At Next Step, you will see 6-12 of the best apartments for your criteria all in one stop.
Many people are under the impression that having their own Broker working for them would add extra costs; in fact, having your own representation with a Next Step Broker reduces the fee that you would typically pay otherwise. The traditional Broker fee in NYC is 15% of the annual lease. Here at Next Step you will never pay a brokers fee more than 13.5% of the annual lease and a 20% discount on any portion of fees due to Next Step. And there is no financial commitment to Next Step until your lease signing.
Using only legitimate listings and brokers who prove to be of the highest performance, Next Step saves you the stress of haphazard online searches, which typically lead clients to fake listings posted by unethical, low-performance agents. With Next Step, you’ll always avoid unregulated listings of questionable quality.
Next Step agents are carefully selected from a pool of the best applicants who undergo a rigorous admissions process including interviews, manager recommendations, and even mock tours. Our agents are regularly reviewed based on client feedback and on their ability to secure the right apartment for their clients in a timely, professional manner.
Clients are custom-matched with Next Step brokers who specialize in their desired apartment criteria, promising the most efficient and reliable apartment search.
Next Step Brokers find apartments for clients looking to lease for a minimum of 12 months. Because short-term leases are typically sublets and often involve working with the current tenants as opposed to landlords, the market for short-term rentals tends not to require a Broker.
Although we have many inquiries, Next Step does not offer any in-house roommate matching services at this time.