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Intern Perspective: Next Step Realty

July 21, 2020


New York City can be an intimidating environment for anyone looking to find a new home—especially for recent college graduates embarking on their adult lives in the concrete jungle. The market here moves astonishingly fast, and those seeking to move are generally presented with many obstacles along the way. Next Step offers an alternative method that eliminates the chaos often associated with finding a new home.

However, Next Step goes beyond just a pleasant apartment search. I’ve found that what differentiates us from other brokerages in New York City is that we have cultivated a family-like community over the years – built on the foundation of our clients’ trust in our brand and faith in our team. When people see our Giraffe, they know that it comes with a certain standard of reliability, integrity, and excellence. We don’t see ourselves as just your average real estate broker tasked with the transactional opportunity to find your new home, but rather your personal sommelier (or sherpa, if you will) helping guide you into New York City. We aim to bring people together, and help our clients start a life here where they feel comfortable, confident, and most of all companioned. Our purpose is to create an everlasting network of like-minded professionals who will use us as a resource for their entire relocation to New York City – not just the initial search for a new home.

Throughout the years, we’ve put on numerous events for our clients to reinforce and expand our preexisting community. Our annual summer party always proves successful as we commemorate our busiest season through connecting our most recent clients with those who have been a part of the Next Step family for years. The party is something that we’ve all shared traditionally as a coming together in person.

Right now, in the year 2020, after 10 years of never failing to host our annual Welcome to New York City event, we find ourselves valuing and appreciating those memories and connections more than ever. And, we look forward to the time when we can once again welcome everyone in person. Although we’ve had to alter the way we conduct our business in the last few months, our family continues to grow with each successful virtual and in person tour.

I can personally testify that although we are all physically apart from each other right now, the Next Step family ties run deep. The relationships I’ve formed with our team have been continuous since my first summer interning here two years ago. As I’ve grown throughout college, and am nearing my own graduation, I see more clearly that this is a service I would use for myself. Next Step is a company that values lifting up young professionals – not just through the actual services that they provide, but also by the way they treat the youngest members of their team, like myself.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and lost in the process of finding a new home during these unnerving circumstances, look no further. From the first phone call to the welcome home basket, we’ll be with you every step of the way. If you want to learn more about our virtual tour process or read up on our safety protocols for those seeking in-person assistance, check out this page today.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Next Step family!

Stay tuned for our next blog post about our virtual tour process and what our agents are saying!